Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security

createMechOid() Function

This function is shown for the sake of completeness. Normally, you should use the default mechanism, which is specified by GSS_C_NULL_OID.

Example C–3 createMechOid() Function

gss_OID createMechOid(const char *mechStr)
        gss_buffer_desc mechDesc;
        gss_OID mechOid;
        OM_uint32 minor;

        if (mechStr == NULL)
                return (GSS_C_NULL_OID);

        mechDesc.length = strlen(mechStr);
        mechDesc.value = (void *) mechStr;

        if (gss_str_to_oid(&minor, &mechDesc, &mechOid) !
            = GSS_S_COMPLETE) {
                fprintf(stderr, "Invalid mechanism oid specified <%s>",
                return (GSS_C_NULL_OID);

        return (mechOid);