System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Choosing a Tape Device

The following table shows typical tape devices that are used for storing file systems during the backup process. The storage capacity depends on the type of drive and the data being written to the tape. For more information on tape devices, see Chapter 30, Managing Tape Drives (Tasks).

Table 24–5 Typical Media for Backing Up File Systems

Backup Media 

Storage Capacity  

1/2-inch reel tape 

140 Mbytes (6250 bpi) 

2.5-Gbyte 1/4-inch cartridge (QIC) tape 

2.5 Gbytes 

DDS3 4-mm cartridge tape (DAT) 

12–24 Gbytes 

14-Gbyte 8-mm cartridge tape 

14 Gbytes 

DLT 7000 1/2-inch cartridge tape 

35–70 Gbytes