System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Backing Up UFS Files and File System (Task Map)



For Instructions 

1. Prepare for file system backups. 

Identify the file systems, the type of backup, and the tape device to be used for the backups. 

Preparing for File System Backups

2. Determine the number of tapes needed to back up a file system. 

Determine the number of tapes that are needed for a full backup of a file system. 

How to Determine the Number of Tapes Needed for a Full Backup

3. Back up file systems. 

Perform a full backup of file systems to get baseline copies of all files. 

Perform an incremental backup of file systems based on whether keeping copies of files that have changed on a daily basis is important at your site. 

How to Back Up a UFS File System to Tape