System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Disks With Bus-Oriented Controllers

To specify a slice on a disk with a bus-oriented controller, SCSI for instance, follow the naming convention shown in the following figure.

Figure 5–3 Disks With Bus-Oriented Controllers

Device name for disks with bus-oriented controllers that
includes logical controller, physical bus target, drive, and slice or fdisk

On a SPARC based system with directly connected disks such as the IDE disks on an UltraSPARC® system, the naming convention is the same as that for systems with bus-oriented controllers.

If you have only one controller on your system, w is usually 0.

For SCSI controllers, x is the target address set by the switch on the back of the unit, and y is the logical unit number (LUN) of the drive attached to the target. If the disk has an embedded controller, y is usually 0. For more information about SCSI addressing on SPARC based systems, see the SunSolveSM Info Doc 48041 and scsi_address(9S).

To indicate the whole disk, specify slice 2 (s2).