System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Where to Find Device Management Tasks

The following table describes where to find step-by-step instructions for hot-plugging devices and adding serial devices, such as printers and modems, and peripheral devices, such as a disk, CD-ROM, or tape device.

Table 5–1 Where to Find Instructions for Adding a Device

Device Management Task 

For More Information 

Add a disk that is not hot-pluggable. 

Chapter 12, SPARC: Adding a Disk (Tasks) or Chapter 13, x86: Adding a Disk (Tasks)

Hot-plug a SCSI or PCI device. 

SCSI Hot-Plugging With the cfgadm Command or PCI or PCIe Hot-Plugging With the cfgadm Command

Hot-plug a USB device. 

Using USB Mass Storage Devices (Task Map)

Add a CD-ROM or tape device. 

How to Add a Peripheral Device

Add a modem. 

Chapter 1, Managing Terminals and Modems (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Add a printer. 

System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing

Secure a device. 

Chapter 5, Controlling Access to Devices (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Security Services