System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

How Does the RCM Script Process Work?

You can invoke an RCM script as follows:

$ script-name command [args ...]

An RCM script performs the following basic steps:

  1. Takes the RCM command from command-line arguments.

  2. Executes the command.

  3. Writes the results to stdout as name-value pairs.

  4. Exits with the appropriate exit status.

The RCM daemon runs one instance of a script at a time. For example, if a script is running, the RCM daemon does not run the same script until the first script exits.

RCM Script Commands

You must include the following RCM commands in an RCM script:

You might include some or all of the following RCM commands:

For a complete description of these RCM commands, see rcmscript(4).

RCM Script Processing Environment

When you dynamically remove a device, the RCM daemon runs the following: