System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

What the Tape Backup RCM Script Does

The tape backup RCM script performs the following steps:

  1. Sets up a dispatch table of RCM commands.

  2. Calls the dispatch routine that corresponds to the specified RCM command and exits with status 2 for unimplemented RCM commands.

  3. Sets up the scriptinfo section.

    rcm_script_func_info=Tape backup appl script for DR
  4. Registers all tape drives in the system by printing all tape drive device names to stdout.


    If an error occurs, the script prints the error information to stdout.

  5. Sets up the resource information for the tape device.

    rcm_resource_usage_info=Backup Tape Unit Number $unit
  6. Sets up the preremove information by checking if the backup application is using the device. If the backup application is not using the device, the dynamic reconfiguration operation continues. If the backup application is using the device, the script checks RCM_ENV_FORCE. If RCM_ENV_FORCE is set to FALSE, the script denies the dynamic reconfiguration operation and prints the following message:

    rcm_failure_reason=tape backup in progress pid=...

    If RCM_ENV_FORCE is set to TRUE, the backup application is stopped, and the reconfiguration operation proceeds.