System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

System Administrator RCM Script (Task Map)

The following task map describes the tasks for a system administrator who is creating an RCM script to do site customization.



For Instructions 

1. Identify the resources to be dynamically removed. 

Identify the resources (device names) to be potentially removed by using the cfgadm -l command.


2. Identify the applications to be stopped. 

Identify the commands for stopping the applications cleanly. 

Application documentation 

3. Identify the commands for pre-removal and post-removal of the resource. 

Identify the actions to be taken before and after the resource is removed. 


4. Write the RCM script. 

Write the RCM script based on the information identified in tasks 1-3. 

Tape Backup RCM Script Example

5. Install the RCM script. 

Add the script to the appropriate script directory. 

How to Install an RCM Script

6. Test the RCM script. 

Test the script by running the script commands manually and by initiating a dynamic reconfiguration operation. 

How to Test an RCM Script