System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Logically Disconnect a USB Device

If you want to remove a USB device from the system and the prtconf output, but you are not physically near the system, just logically disconnect the USB device. The device is still physically connected. However, the device is logically disconnected, unusable, and not visible to the system.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Disconnect a USB device.

    For example:

    # cfgadm -c disconnect -y usb0/4.7
  3. Verify that the device is disconnected.

    For example:

    # cfgadm usb0/4.7
    Ap_Id                  Type      Receptacle    Occupant      Condition
    usb0/4.7               unknown   disconnected  unconfigured  ok