System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Using USB Audio Devices (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Add USB audio devices. 

Add a USB microphone and speakers. 

How to Add USB Audio Devices

Identify your system's primary audio device. 

Identify which audio device is your primary audio device. 

How to Identify Your System's Primary Audio Device

Change the primary USB audio device. 

You might want to make one audio device the primary audio device if you remove or change your USB audio devices. 

How to Change the Primary USB Audio Device

Remove unused USB device links. 

If you remove a USB audio device while the system is powered off, the /dev/audio device might be pointing to a /dev/sound/* device that doesn't exist.

How to Remove Unused USB Device Links

Solve USB audio problems. 

Use this section if no sound comes from the USB speakers. 

Troubleshooting USB Audio Device Problems