System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Specifying format Command Names

Command names are needed as input whenever the format utility displays a menu prompt. You can abbreviate the command names, as long as what you type is sufficient to uniquely identify the command desired.

For example, use p to access the partition menu from the format menu. Then, type p to display the current slice table.

format> p
        0      - change `0' partition
        1      - change `1' partition
        2      - change `2' partition
        3      - change `3' partition
        4      - change `4' partition
        5      - change `5' partition
        6      - change `6' partition
        7      - change `7' partition
        select - select a predefined table
        modify - modify a predefined partition table
        name   - name the current table
        print  - display the current table
        label  - write partition map and label to the disk
partition> p