System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Display IB Device Information

You can use the prtconf command to display general information about IB devices. For example:

$ prtconf
    pci, instance #0
        pci15b3,5a44, instance #0
             ibport, instance #253
             ibport, instance #254
             ibport, instance #255
    ib, instance #0
        ioc, instance #243
        ioc, instance #244
        ioc, instance #245
        ioc, instance #246
        ioc, instance #247
        ioc, instance #248
        ibgen, instance #249

In the preceding example, pci15b3,5a44 refers to an IB HCA.

Use the following steps to display specific IB device information.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Display IB fabric information.

    For example:

    # cfgadm -a
    Ap_Id                       Type       Receptacle Occupant   Condition
    ib                          IB-Fabric  connected  configured   ok
    hca:1730000008070           IB-HCA     connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000007F5198         IB-IOC     connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000007F5199         IB-IOC     connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000008070,0,hnfs    IB-HCA_SVC connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000008071,0,sdp     IB-PORT    connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000008072,0,sdp     IB-PORT    connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000008071,8001,ipib IB-VPPA    connected  configured   ok
    ib::1730000008072,8001,ipib IB-VPPA    connected  configured   ok
    ib::ibgen,0                 IB-PSEUDO  connected  configured   ok

    In the preceding example output, the components are described as follows:

    Ap_Id ib::1730000008072,0,sdp

    Identifies an IB Port device that is connected to port 2 and is bound to the sdp service.

    Ap_Id ib::1730000008072,8001,ipib

    Identifies an IB VPPA device that is connected to port 2, using a p_key value of 0x8001, and is bound to the ibd service.

    Ap_Id ib:: 1730000008070,0,hnfs

    Identifies an IB HCA_SVC device bound to the hnfs service.

    Ap_Id ib::1730000007F5198

    Identifies an IOC device.

    Ap_Id ib::ibgen,0

    Identifies a pseudo device.

  3. Display specific IB device information.

    For example, for an IB VPPA device:

    # cfgadm -al -s "cols=ap_id:info" ib::1730000008072,8001,ipib
    Ap_Id                          Information
    ib::1730000008072,8001,ipib    ipib

    For example, for an IB HCA device:

    # cfgadm -al -s "cols=ap_id:info" hca::1730000008070
    Ap_Id                          Information
    hca::1730000008070             VID: 0x15b3, PID: 0x5a44, #ports: 0x2, 
    port1 GUID: 0x1730000008071, port2 GUID: 0x1730000008072

    The preceding output displays the number of ports and their GUIDs.