System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Display Kernel IB Clients of an HCA

The following IB cfgadm plugin command can be invoked to list kernel IB clients using this HCA. Note that the last column would show a “yes” if a kernel IB client uses another HCA. IB Managers and kernel clients that do not use the HCA are shown with an Ap_Id of “-”.

  1. Display kernel IB clients of an HCA.

    For example:

    $ cfgadm -x list_clients hca:173000007F50   
    Ap_Id                       IB Client         Alternate HCA
    ib::1730000007F51D0            ibgen              no
    ib::1730000007F51D1            ibgen              no
    ib::1730000007F51,8001,ipib    ibd                no
    ib::ibgen,0                    ibgen              no
    -                              ibdm               no
    -                              ibmf               no
    -                              nfs/ib             no