System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Display USB Bus Information (cfgadm)

For examples of using the prtconf command to display USB configuration information, see How to Display USB Device Information.

  1. Display USB bus information.

    For example:

    % cfgadm
    Ap_Id                    Type         Receptacle   Occupant     Condition
    usb0/4.5                 usb-hub      connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.1               usb-device   connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.2               usb-printer  connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.3               usb-mouse    connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.4               usb-device   connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.5               usb-storage  connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.6               usb-communi  connected    configured   ok
    usb0/4.5.7               unknown      empty        unconfigured ok

    In the preceding example, usb0/4.5.1 identifies a device connected to port 1 of the second-level external hub, which is connected to port 5 of first-level external hub, which is connected to the first USB controller's root hub, port 4.

  2. Display specific USB device information.

    For example:

    % cfgadm -l -s "cols=ap_id:info"
    Ap_Id       Information
     usb0/4.5.1  Mfg: Inside Out Networks Product: Edgeport/421 NConfigs: 1 
    Config: 0  : ...
     usb0/4.5.2  Mfg: <undef> Product: <undef>   NConfigs: 1 Config: 0 ...
     usb0/4.5.3  Mfg: Mitsumi Product: Apple USB Mouse NConfigs: 1
    Config: 0 ...
     usb0/4.5.4  Mfg: NMB  Product: NMB USB KB/PS2 M NConfigs: 1 Config: 0
     usb0/4.5.5  Mfg: Hagiwara Sys-Com  Product: SmartMedia R/W  NConfigs: 1 
    Config: 0 : ...
     usb0/4.5.6  Mfg: 3Com Inc.  Product: U.S.Robotics 56000 Voice USB Modem 
    NConfigs: 2 ...