System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureMonitoring Your iSCSI Configuration

You can display information about the iSCSI initiator and target devices by using the iscsiadm list command.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Display information about the iSCSI initiator.

    For example:

    # iscsiadm list initiator-node
    Initiator node name:
    Initiator node alias: zzr1200
            Login Parameters (Default/Configured):
                    Header Digest: NONE/-
                    Data Digest: NONE/-
            Authentication Type: NONE
            RADIUS Server: NONE
            RADIUS access: unknown
            Configured Sessions: 1
  3. Display information about which discovery methods are in use.

    For example:

    # iscsiadm list discovery
    	Static: enabled
    	Send Targets: enabled
    	iSNS: enabled

Example 14–1 Displaying iSCSI Target Information

The following example shows how to display the parameter settings for a specific iSCSI target.

# iscsiadm list target-param

The iscsiadm list target-param -v command displays the following information:

The iscsiadm list target-param -v command displays the default parameter value before the / designator and the configured parameter value after the / designator. If you have not configured any parameters, the configured parameter value displays as a hyphen (-). For more information, see the following examples.

# iscsiadm list target-param -v eui.50060e8004275511 Target: eui.50060e8004275511
        Alias: -
        Bi-directional Authentication: disabled
        Authentication Type: NONE
        Login Parameters (Default/Configured):
                Data Sequence In Order: yes/-
                Data PDU In Order: yes/-
                Default Time To Retain: 20/-
                Default Time To Wait: 2/-
                Error Recovery Level: 0/-
                First Burst Length: 65536/-
                Immediate Data: yes/-
                Initial Ready To Transfer (R2T): yes/-
                Max Burst Length: 262144/-
                Max Outstanding R2T: 1/-
                Max Receive Data Segment Length: 65536/-
                Max Connections: 1/-
                Header Digest: NONE/-
                Data Digest: NONE/-
        Configured Sessions: 1

The following example output displays the parameters that were negotiated between the target and the initiator.

# iscsiadm list target -v eui.50060e8004275511
Target: eui.50060e8004275511
        TPGT: 1
        ISID: 4000002a0000
        Connections: 1
                CID: 0
                  IP address (Local):
                  IP address (Peer):
                  Discovery Method: Static
                  Login Parameters (Negotiated):
                        Data Sequence In Order: yes
                        Data PDU In Order: yes
                        Default Time To Retain: 0
                        Default Time To Wait: 3
                        Error Recovery Level: 0
                        First Burst Length: 65536
                        Immediate Data: yes
                        Initial Ready To Transfer (R2T): yes
                        Max Burst Length: 262144
                        Max Outstanding R2T: 1
                        Max Receive Data Segment Length: 65536
                        Max Connections: 1
                        Header Digest: NONE
                        Data Digest: NONE