System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Mounting a File System in the Cache

You specify a file system to be mounted in the cache so that users can locally access files in that file system. The files do not actually get placed in the cache until the user accesses the files.

The following table describes three ways to mount a CacheFS file system.

Mount Type for CacheFS File System 

Frequency of CacheFS Mount Type 

Using the mount command

Every time the system reboots in order to access the same file system. 

Editing the /etc/vfstab file

Only once. The /etc/vfstab file remains unchanged after the system reboots.

Using AutoFS 

Only once. AutoFS maps remain unchanged after the system reboots.  

Choose the method of mounting file systems that best suits your environment.

You can mount only file systems that are shared. For information on sharing file systems, see share(1M).

Note –

The caching of the root (/) and /usr file systems is not supported in a CacheFS file system.