System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

The Mounted File System Table

Whenever you mount or unmount a file system, the /etc/mnttab (mount table) file is modified with the list of currently mounted file systems. You can display the contents of this file by using the cat or more commands. However, you cannot edit this file. Here is an example of an /etc/mnttab file:

$ more /etc/mnttab
rpool/ROOT/zfs509BE             /       zfs     dev=4010002     0
/devices        /devices        devfs   dev=5000000     1235087509
ctfs    /system/contract        ctfs    dev=5040001     1235087509
proc    /proc   proc    dev=5080000     1235087509
mnttab  /etc/mnttab     mntfs   dev=50c0001     1235087509
swap    /etc/svc/volatile       tmpfs   xattr,dev=5100001       1235087510
objfs   /system/object  objfs   dev=5140001     1235087510
sharefs /etc/dfs/sharetab       sharefs dev=5180001     1235087510
fd      /dev/fd fd      rw,dev=52c0001  1235087527
swap    /tmp    tmpfs   xattr,dev=5100002       1235087543
swap    /var/run        tmpfs   xattr,dev=5100003       1235087543
rpool/export    /export zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,...
rpool/export/home       /export/home    zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,...
rpool   /rpool  zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime,dev=4010005 1235087656