System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Configuring High Availability of iSNS Server Using Sun Cluster

This section described how to configure the iSNS service to work with Sun Cluster 3.2 as a Service Management Facility (SMF) proxy resource so that Sun Cluster can manage the failover of the iSNS service to other cluster nodes.

For information about Sun Cluster, see Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS ( To configure Sun Cluster to manage the failover of the iSNS service, use the following general procedure:

  1. Encapsulate the iSNS service. Use the Sun Cluster SMF proxy resource type, SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover to encapsulate the iSNS SMF service, registering it with the clresourcetype register. For instructions on how to encapsulate SMF services with Sun Cluster, see Enabling Solaris SMF Services to Run With Sun Cluster ( .

  2. Create a resource group for the iSNS service, using the clresourcegroup create command. See Creating a Resource Group (

  3. Add an iSNS resource to the resource group, using the clresource create command. Specify the type as SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover and specify the Proxied_service_instances property as the path to a file that contains the properties for the iSNS service. Place the file in a cluster file system so that each node shares the file. For information on cluster file systems, see How to Create a Cluster File System (

  4. Specify the iSNS data store location as described in How to Specify the Data Store Location, specifying the mount point for the cluster file system in the path. Specify the same data store file property on all nodes of the cluster so that all nodes share the data store.

  5. Set the cluster resource group online, using the clresourcegroup online command.

Because you cannot use svcadm to disable, enable, or refresh SMF services that have been encapsulated as a proxy resource, use the following general procedure to change the properties of the iSNS service:

  1. Set the iSNS resource group offline.

  2. Disable the iSNS proxy resource.

  3. Change the property of the iSNS service on all nodes of the cluster node list.

  4. Re-enable the iSNS proxy resource.

  5. Set the iSNS resource group online.