System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Check the CD or DVD Media

The cdrw command works with or without removable media services running. For more information about disabling or enabling removable media services, see How to Disable or Enable Removable Media Services.

  1. Insert a CD or DVD into the drive.

    The CD or DVD can be any CD or DVD that the drive can read.

  2. Check that the drive is connected properly by listing the drive.

    $ cdrw -l
     Looking for CD devices...
        Node                   Connected Device                Device type
     cdrom1               | YAMAHA   CRW8824S         1.0d | CD Reader/Writer
  3. (Optional) If you do not see the drive in the list, select one of the following so that the system recognizes the drive.

    • Add the drive without rebooting the system

      # drvconfig
      # disks

      Then restart removable media services.