System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

Removable Media Hardware Considerations

Keep the following restrictions in mind when working with diskettes:

Diskette Hardware Considerations

Keep the following in mind when formatting diskettes:

A Solaris system can format the following diskette types:

On a Solaris system (either SPARC or x86), you can format diskettes with the following densities.

Diskette Size 

Diskette Density 



High density (HD) 

1.44 Mbytes 


Double density (DD) 

720 Kbytes 

By default, the diskette drive formats a diskette to a like density. This default means that a 1.44 Mbyte drive attempts to format a diskette for 1.44 Mbytes, regardless of whether the diskette is, in fact, a 1.44 Mbyte diskette, unless you instruct it otherwise. In other words, a diskette can be formatted to its capacity or lower, and a drive can format to its capacity or lower.