System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing

What Is the Internet Printing Protocol?

IPP is a fairly recent industry standard network printing protocol that is used for client-to-server and server-to-printer communications. This protocol provides a basic model that includes printers and jobs, standard attributes for these printers and jobs, and a set of standard operations that can be performed against these printers and jobs. Because the objects, attributes, and operations are standardized, IPP is a method for communicating between client and server systems. In the Solaris OS, server-side support for this protocol is provided by an IPP listening service. IPP client-side support in the Solaris OS is implemented through the PAPI. IPP printer support is available through the URI interface script.

More information about OpenSolaris printing can be found at

For step-by-step procedures and additional background information in this document, see Setting Up the Internet Printing Protocol and Appendix A, Using the Internet Printing Protocol.