Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Solaris CIFS Service

Note –

The Samba and CIFS services cannot be used simultaneously on a single Solaris system. The Samba service must be disabled in order to run the Solaris CIFS service. For more information, see How to Disable the Samba Service.

For a high-level overview of configuring the Solaris CIFS service, see Configuring the Solaris CIFS Service – Process Overview. For information about configuring the service, see Chapter 3, Solaris CIFS Service Administration (Tasks). For more information about the Solaris CIFS service, see the smbadm(1M), smbd(1M), smbstat(1M), smb(4), smbautohome(4), and pam_smb_passwd(5) man pages.

The CIFS features offered by the Solaris service depend on the file system being shared. To fully support the Solaris CIFS service, a file system should support the following features:

For information about the supported features of the UFS and ZFS file systems, see the ufs(7FS) man page and the Solaris ZFS Administration Guide, respectively.

For information about how to access CIFS shares from your client, refer to the client documentation.