Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Solaris CIFS Client

The SMB protocol is the natural file-sharing protocol used by Windows and Mac OS systems. Samba implements the SMB protocol for UNIX and Linux systems. The Solaris CIFS client is a Solaris virtual file system that provides access to files and directories from the CIFS service.

By using the Solaris CIFS client, a user can mount remote CIFS shares (directories) on his Solaris system to get read-write access to previously inaccessible files. The Solaris CIFS client does not include the ability to print by means of CIFS or the ability to access CIFS resources other than files and directories. The Solaris CIFS client enables an unprivileged user to mount and unmount shares on directories he owns.

For more information about how to use the Solaris CIFS client to access shares, see Chapter 4, Solaris CIFS Client Administration (Tasks), and the smbutil(1), mount_smbfs(1M), nsmbrc(4), pam_smbfs_login(5), and smbfs(7FS) man pages.