Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Solaris CIFS Service Daemon

The smbd daemon supports CIFS activities on Solaris systems. The smbd daemon provides the gateway to the various user space components that support non-file I/O CIFS services. Similar to the NFS kernel service, the SMB kernel module provides SMB file I/O services directly between the network interface and the virtual file system (VFS) within the kernel. Whenever a non-file I/O request is received, such as a user authentication or an MS-RPC named pipe request, it is passed to smbd for processing in user space. Requests that require interaction with a domain controller are passed to the SMB Redirector, which provides a simple user space SMB client for IPC communication.

The smbd daemon depends on the idmapd daemon. For more information about the identity mapping service, see Chapter 2, Identity Mapping Administration (Tasks), and the idmap(1M) and idmapd(1M) man pages.

smbd is part of the svc:/network/smb/server:default service.

For more information, see the smbd(1M) man page.