Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Solaris CIFS Files

The following files support CIFS activities on any computer:

/etc/auto_direct File

Use the /etc/auto_direct file to automatically mount a CIFS share when a user accesses the mount point. To use the automount feature, you must store a persistent password for authentication to mount the share. See How to Store a CIFS Persistent Password.

For instructions and examples, see How to Add an Automounter Entry for a CIFS Share.

/etc/smbautohome File

The /etc/smbautohome file is used to define the automatic sharing rules to be applied when a user connects to the Solaris CIFS service. For more information, see Autohome Shares and the smbautohome(4) man page.

$HOME/.nsmbrc File

You can use the $HOME/.nsmbrc file to override global behavior of the Solaris CIFS client. Global values are set in the Service Management Facility (SMF). The .nsmbrc file is used to customize the behavior of the Solaris CIFS client on a per-user basis.

By default, settings in the $HOME/.nsmbrc file are used unless they have security implications, in which case the stronger security setting is used.

For procedures that refer to the $HOME/.nsmbrc file, see the following:

Also, see the nsmbrc(4) man page.