Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Customize Your Solaris CIFS Environment

You can customize your Solaris CIFS environment by creating a .nsmbrc configuration file in your home directory. For more information about the .nsmbrc file format, see the nsmbrc(4) man page.

  1. Create a file called .nsmbrc file in your home directory.

  2. Edit the .nsmbrc file to specify values for Solaris CIFS client properties.

    This example shows how user terry can configure the environment by placing this .nsmbrc configuration file in his home directory.

    The default section describes the default domain, which is called SALES, and sets a default user of MYUSER. These default settings are inherited by other sections unless property values are overridden.

    FSERVER is a server section that defines a server called It is part of the SALES domain.

    RSERVER is a server section that defines a server called that belongs to a new domain called REMGROUP.

    # Configuration file for
    # Specify the Windows account name to use everywhere.
    # The 'FSERVER' is server in our domain.
    # The 'RSERVER' is a server in another domain.