Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to View the Global Solaris CIFS Environment Property Settings

You can view the global Solaris CIFS environment property settings by using the sharectl(1M) command.

If you set a value for the same property in more than one section, the sharectl get output includes the section name, property name, and value.

  1. Determine which properties you want to view.

    For a description of the properties, see the nsmbrc(4) man page.

    • To view the value for a specific property, type:

      $ sharectl get [-p property] … smbfs

      For example, to view the values for the timeout property, type:

      $ sharectl get -p timeout smbfs
      [SALES] timeout=5
      [default] timeout=10
    • To view all of the property settings, type:

      $ sharectl get smbfs