Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

sharemgr Command

The sharemgr utility is an administrative tool that provides an enhanced method of sharing files and performing related tasks. The sharemgr utility introduces the following concepts:

Note –

The sharemgr utility provides a unique way of checking the validity of a desired configuration. The -n option allows you to test the validity of the options and properties you want to use with a specific subcommand. The test does not change your configuration. For example, if you use the -n option with the subcommand create, no share group is created.

You can also use the ZFS file system sharesmb property to configure SMB sharing. For more information, see How to Create a CIFS Share (zfs) and the zfs(1M) and zpool(1M) man pages.

For procedures that use the sharemgr utility, see the following:

Also, see the sharemgr(1M) man page.