Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Managing Solaris CIFS Configuration Properties

The Solaris CIFS service and the Solaris CIFS client use the sharectl command to manage configuration properties. For descriptions of the Solaris CIFS service properties, see the sharectl(1M) and smb(4) man pages. For descriptions of the Solaris CIFS client properties, see the nsmbrc(4) man page.

The Solaris CIFS properties and their values are stored in the Service Management Facility (SMF). For more information about SMF, see Chapter 16, Managing Services (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.

The sharectl command is used throughout the configuration process to set and view properties. This command and examples of its use are described in Chapter 3, Solaris CIFS Service Administration (Tasks). The sharectl command is also used by the Solaris CIFS client to configure the global environment. For more information, see Chapter 4, Solaris CIFS Client Administration (Tasks).