This document describes hardware issues, software issues, and documentation issues for the Sun Firetrademark X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 servers.

Change requests have tracking numbers shown in parentheses. For updates on change requests and for patches, see the SunSolveSM web site at:

Note - Separate Release Notes with instructions for upgrading platform software and firmware are also published at the web site where this document is published. Although it is recommended that you upgrade directly to the latest software release available, more than one version of the Release Notes might be available, to provide the ability to return to earlier releases for troubleshooting.

Note - The software on the CDs that are shipped with the system is the latest available at the time of shipping and can be used for reinstallation or system recovery. Because software versions are updated frequently, check the product download site for the latest versions of the software that are qualified by Sun.

Related Documentation

Documentation for the Sun Fire X4100 and X4200 servers is available at:

Translated versions of some of these documents are available in French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

English documentation is revised more frequently and might be more up-to-date than the translated documentation.

For all Sun software and hardware manuals, go to:

For other documentation, go to:

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The names of commands, files, and directories; onscreen computer output

Edit your.login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.


What you type, when contrasted with onscreen computer output

% su



Book titles, new words or terms, words to be emphasized. Replace command-line variables with real names or values.

Read Chapter 6 in the User’s Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.

To delete a file, type rm filename.

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Product Updates

For downloadable product updates, visit:

This site contains the latest updates for firmware and drivers, as well as CD-ROM .iso images.

To see all the updates, go to, and search for your model number.