C H A P T E R  2

Download Server-Specific Driver Packages

This chapter describes how to download the server-specific driver packages needed for Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 installation.

Note - If you have the Tools and Drivers CD (system software release 2.1 or later), you can skip this chapter and proceed to Chapter 3. You can use the CD for initial installation of the server-specific drivers. The latest version of the Tools and Drivers CD is also available as a downloadable image on the Sun download site.

To download the drivers:

1. Go to the driver download site for your server.

For the Sun Fire X4140: http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4140/downloads.jsp

For the Sun Fire X4240: http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4240/downloads.jsp

For the Sun Fire X4440: http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4440/downloads.jsp

2. Choose one of the following download options:

Note - The _x_x_x number identifies the version of the package (for example, FloppyPack_1_1_4.zip).

3. Make sure that the driver packages are available as you begin the operating system installation. Refer to Chapter 3 for supported delivery methods.