This Suntrademark LSI 106x RAID User’s Guide contains instructions for creating and maintaining hardware RAID volumes. It applies to all servers (including blades) that include integrated disk controllers or PCI adapter cards that use LSI 106x controller chips with MPT firmware that supports integrated RAID (IR).

Note - If your LSI controller uses MPT firmware that supports IT (initiator-target) technology, this manual does not apply to you. For more on how to find out your MPT firmware version, see Does Your LSI Controller Support Integrated RAID?.

Obtaining Utilities

The LSI BIOS utility is automatically available in your server’s BIOS if a 106x chip is present, either embedded on your server or on a PCI card.

The LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager software should be on your product’s Tools and Drivers CD. Alternatively, you can download a CD image from the Sun web site at:

Free registration is required.

On this web page, look for the link labelled “x64 Servers and Workstations”. The linked page provides links to all x64-related downloads, organized by product name.

raidctl is included in the Solaris OS.

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