C H A P T E R  2

Using the Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)

This chapter describes operating system installation options using the Sun Installation Assistant (SIA). You can choose to install a Linux or Windows operating system on your Sun x64 architecture server using SIA.

About the Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)

The Sun Installation Assistant (SIA) is a tool that assists in the installation of supported Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems (OS). With SIA, you can install the OS, the appropriate drivers, and if necessary, additional system software by simply booting the SIA media and following the prompts.

SIA does not automate the OS installation process. You still need to follow the vendor installation procedures for your OS, but you do not have to inventory your system hardware, search for and download the most recent supported Sun device drivers, nor do you need to create a separate driver CD. SIA does that work for you.

Features and Benefits

SIA provides the following features and benefits:

Note that SIA does not provide the operating system software. The operating system software must be provided by the customer during the SIA installation.

How to Get Started Using SIA

The following information will help you get started using SIA.



Updates to the SIA program can be obtained easily during the SIA installation by using the Remote Update option in the SIA.