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Operating System Installation Overview

This chapter gives an overview of the operating system (OS) installation process for Linux and the Solaris OS.

Note - Installation for Windows is covered in the Sun Fire X4500/X4540 Server Windows Operating System Installation Guide(820-0407).

For additional information about disk management and monitoring utilities, refer to Sun Firetrademark X4500/X4540 Server Administration Guide (819-6562).

Preparing to Install an OS on a Sun Fire X4500 Server

There are several supported OS distributions and several ways to install each. This section is intended only as a general guide that refers you to detailed procedures.


You must complete the following before you can begin the installation:

Things You Must Decide

Before you begin installing the OS, answer the following questions.

A list of supported operating systems for the Sun Fire X4500 series servers is available at http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4500/os.jsp.

Note - The Sun Fire X4500 server supports industry-standard remote KVMS (keyboard, video, mouse, and storage) operation with the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Remote Console application. For more information on setting up a remote KVMS connection to your server using the ILOM Remote Console application, see the Integrated Lights Out Manager Administration Guide.

In general, you might need to perform updates once the OS has been installed. For details, see the appropriate chapter for your particular OS.

Next Steps