This document contains procedures and special information for upgrading your Sun Fire X4600 M2 server to the Release 1.0.1 software upgrade bundle.

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Related Documentation

For a description of the document set for the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server, see the Where To Find Documentation sheet that is packed with your system and also posted at the product's documentation site. See the following URL:

Translated versions of some of these documents are available at the web site described above in French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. English documentation is revised more frequently and might be more up-to-date than the translated documentation.

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Product Updates

For product updates that you can download for the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server, please follow the links from the following Web site:

This site contains updates for firmware and drivers, as well as CD-ROM .iso images.

Contacting Sun Technical Support

If you have technical questions about the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server that are not answered in this document, go to:

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