Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Configure the Preinstalled OpenSolaris OS

  1. Power on the workstation by pressing the Power button on the front panel.

    POST messages appear on your screen as the OS boots up. The GRUB boot loader menu appears.

    Graphic showing the OpenSolaris GRUB menu.
    Note –

    The GRUB menu on the preinstalled image has been configured to automatically select the OpenSolaris installation after power-up.

  2. Follow the OpenSolaris installation on-screen prompts using the information gathered in Installation Worksheet to enter the required system and network information.

    The screens that are displayed will vary, depending on the method that you chose for assigning network information to the server (DHCP or static IP address).

    After you have entered the system configuration information, the server completes the boot process and displays the OpenSolaris login prompt.

  3. At the login prompt, enter your account name and password.

    The OpenSolaris desktop appears.

    Graphic showing OpenSolaris desktop.
  4. To get started using OpenSolaris, click the Start Here icon on the desktop.