Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Linux, OpenSolaris and Solaris Operating System Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Set the LSI RAID Configuration

  1. Power on the workstation.

  2. During the BIOS portion of the boot, press Ctrl-C when prompted to open the LSI configuration tool.

  3. Select the SAS controller you want and press Enter.

    The adapter properties screen appears.

  4. Select RAID properties and press Enter.

    The RAID properties screen appears.

  5. Select the type of RAID volume you wish to create.

    The Create New Array screen appears.

  6. Select the disks you would like to include in the RAID volume.

    Caution – Caution –

    Do not mix SAS and SATA disks within a RAID volume.

  7. Add global hot spares, as needed.

  8. When the volume has been fully configured, press C.

  9. After the array is configured, save changes and exit.

    Note –

    After you create IM and IME RAID arrays, the system may perform an automatic reboot to enable the write cache feature.