Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Windows Operating System Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Create a Windows XP Installation CD with XpReburn

  1. On a Solaris OS, Red Hat, or SUSE system, insert the Tools and Drivers DVD.

  2. As superuser, create a temporary directory with at least 1.2 GB of space. For example:

    # mkdir /files

  3. Copy the Xp file to that directory, for example:

    # cp /utilities/ /files

  4. Eject the Tools and Drivers DVD and insert your retail Windows XP CD.

  5. Unzip the Xp file. For example:

    # unzip -q

  6. Run the XpReburn script. For example:

    # ./files/XpReburn

  7. After the ISO image is created, insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW to burn the image.

  8. After the CD is created, insert the CD into the workstation and boot from it.

  9. After the OS installation is complete, install the graphics and audio drivers as described inTo Install the NVIDIA Graphics and RealTek Audio Drivers.

  10. When done, proceed to Chapter 7, Updating the Critical Drivers and Software.