Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Windows Operating System Installation Guide

Chapter 2 Downloading Driver Packages

This chapter describes how to download the workstation-specific driver packages needed for Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, or Windows XP installation.

Note –

If you have the latest Tools and Drivers DVD, you can proceed to the next chapter. To confirm you have the latest version of the Tools and Drivers DVD, check the available downloadable image on the Sun download site as described below.

Downloading Drivers

Download the required Windows mass storage drivers and optional software or a complete Tools and Drivers DVD image from the Sun software download site.

ProcedureTo Download Drivers

  1. Go to the driver download site for your workstation.

    Select View by Category, x64 Servers & Workstations, and then select Ultra 27 from the product list.

  2. Choose one of the following download options:

    • If you only need network drivers and the mass storage drivers required for Windows installation, download to your hard disk.

    • To ensure that you have all of the drivers and supported software for your server, download the Tools and Drivers ISO image. The ISO image can be used in a system with a CD/DVD burner to create a DVD that will be accessible during the installation.