Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Product Notes

System Fails to Perform PXE Installation of Linux Operating Systems

The system can successfully PXE boot from the on-board Intel 82567LM-2 NIC, but Red Hat and SUSE installation setups fail to detect the NIC. Current released versions of Red Hat and SUSE do not support the Intel 82567LM-2 NIC.

Please wait until RHEL 4.8, RHEL 5.3, SLED10 SP3, and SLED 11 for built-in 82567LM-2 Ethernet support or perform the following workaround.


Install a PCI/PCIe NIC card, and then PXE install from the new NIC.


Do a CD/DVD installation, and then run the following command to install all (graphics, NIC, audio) drivers:


where tools_and_drivers is the location of the Tools and Drivers DVD, and OS is the directory of the operating system (either red_hat or suse).