Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Remove a Hard Drive

Note –

The Sun Ultra 27 workstation accommodates up to four HDs. If you are not removing an existing hard drive, proceed to To Install a Hard Drive.

  1. Power off the workstation as described in section, To Power Off the Workstation.

  2. Remove the side access panel as described in section, To Remove the Left-Side Access Panel.

  3. Gently lay the system on its right side on a stable, nonslip surface.

  4. Locate the HD to be removed.

  5. Push the plastic latch in the direction of the engraved arrow (away from the metal locking handle) until the HD handle pops out (see Figure 3–5).

    Figure 3–5 Removing a Hard Drive

    An illustration showing the removal of a hard drive from
the hard drive cage.

  6. Grasp the HD handle and pull straight out to remove the HD from the system.

  7. Set the HD on an antistatic surface.

  8. Choose your next step.