Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Start Pc-Check Diagnostics


  1. Insert the Sun Ultra 27 workstation Tools and Drivers DVD into your DVD drive, and reboot the system.

    The system boots to the Sun Ultra 27 workstation Tools and Drivers DVD main menu.

  2. Type 1 to run the Hardware Diagnostics Software.

    The system information loads, the Diagnostics main menu opens, and the following menu options appear:

    • System Information Menu

    • Advanced Diagnostics Tests

    • Immediate Burn In Testing

    • Deferred Burn In Testing

    • Create Diagnostic Partition

    • Show Results Summary

    • Print Results Report

    • About Pc-Check

    • Exit to DOS

    The entries in the Diagnostics main menu are described in the following sections of this chapter.

    • To test a specific hardware component, choose Advanced Diagnostics Tests.

    • To run one of the Sun-supplied test scripts, choose Immediate Burn In Testing.

    Navigation instructions are shown at the bottom of each screen.

    • Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate through menus.

    • Press the Enter key to choose a menu option.

    • Press the Escape key to exit a menu (or submenu).