Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

Component Cables and Connections

Figure 1–5 Component Cables and Connections

The internal cabling for the Sun Ultra 27 workstation

Figure Legend 

Supplemental power cable (for PCIe cards) 

Power supply P1 to MB PWR1 

Power supply P2 to MB PWR2 

I/O board J1 to MB FPB_Audio 

System fan to MB SYS_FAN 

CPU fan to MB CPU_FAN 

DVD to MB SATA 0 (white) 

I/O board J5 to MB FPB_USB 

I/O board J8 to MB 13940-0 and 1394-1 


I/O board J12 to MB FPB_CONN 


SATA 1 to storage backplane HDD0 (black) 


SATA 2 to storage backplane HDD1 (blue) 


SATA 3 to storage backplane HDD2 (green) 


SATA 4 storage backplane HDD3 (red)