Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Add Supplemental Power to a Single PCIe2 Card Using the 8–Pin Adapter Cable

Use this procedure to add supplemental power to a single PCIe2 card that requires the use of the 8–pin adapter cable (for example, Nvidia Quad FX5800).

Before You Begin

You must have the auxiliary 8–pin to 6–pin adapter cable that was shipped with your workstation.

  1. Locate the 6–pin auxiliary power supply cable with the connector labeled To GFX Card or Splitter and release the cable from the cable retainer.

  2. If the splitter cable is attached to the connector, remove and retain the splitter.

  3. Attach the 6–pin connector on the adapter cable to the 6–pin power supply cable.

  4. Attach the 8–pin connector on the adapter cable to the 8–pin connector on the PCIe2 card.

    An illustration showing the installation of the 6–pin
to 8–pin adapter cable.
  5. Secure the cable in the cable retainer.