Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

Obtaining Technical Assistance

If the troubleshooting procedures in this chapter fail to solve your problem, you can receive additional technical support at the Sun web sites and telephone numbers listed in Table 2–2.

Table 2–2 Sun Web Sites and Telephone Numbers

Workstation Documents and Support Resources 

URL or Telephone Number 

PDF and HTML files for all the current Sun Ultra 27 workstation documents.

Solaris OS and other software documents. This web site has full search capabilities.

Discussion and troubleshooting forums.

Support, diagnostic tools, and alerts for all Sun products.

Links to software patches. Lists some system specifications, troubleshooting and maintenance information, and other tools.

Sun service program phone numbers. 

1-800-872-4786 (1-800-USA-4Sun); Select Option 1 

International telephone numbers for Sun service support.

Warranty and contract support contacts. Links to other service tools.

Warranties for every Sun product.