Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Test Hard Drives

This test performs extensive testing on system hard drives.

  1. From the Diagnostics main menu, choose Advanced Diagnostics Tests.

    The Advanced Diagnostics menu appears.

  2. From the Advanced Diagnostics menu, choose Hard Disks.

    The Select Drive menu appears.

  3. From the Select Drive menu, choose the hard disk you are testing.

    The Hard Disk Diagnostics window opens, showing both the information for the hard disk you selected and the Hard Disk Tests menu.

    The Hard Disk Tests menu displays the following options:

    • Select Drive

    • Test Settings

    • Read Test

    • Read Verify Test

    • Non-Destructive Write Test

    • Destructive Write Test

    • Mechanics Stress Test

    • Internal Cache Test

    • View Error Log

    • Utilities Menu

    • Exit

    The Hard Disk Tests perform diagnostics on both the media and the device. The media diagnostic options are the Read Test, the Read Verify Test, the Non-Destructive Write Test, and the Destructive Write Test. These tests are relevant to testing the media associated with the HD hardware, such as the physical disk.

    Caution – Caution –

    Running the Destructive Write Test destroys any data that is on the HD.

    The device diagnostic options include the Mechanics Stress Test and the Internal Cache Test. These tests are relevant to testing nonmedia-related devices associated with the HD hardware, such as the head and internal cache.

    If errors occur during diagnostic testing, the errors are written to the error log. You can examine the error log using the View Error Log option.

    As well as choosing any of these tests, you can also define several test parameters. You can change the parameters within the Test Settings option. (table) gives the options within Test Settings.