Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Create a Log File on the Diagnostic Partition

All the scripts that are loadable with the hardware diagnostics software are predefined with logging to the diagnostic partition enabled. The names of log files correspond to the name of the script. For example, a script named noinput.tst creates a log file named noinput.jrl.

The following instructions show an example of how to create and access a log file on the diagnostic partition for the noinput.tst script.

  1. Insert the Tools and Drivers DVD into the DVD drive.

  2. Reboot the workstation.

  3. From the Tools and Drivers DVD main menu, choose 1 to run the Hardware Diagnostics software.

    The Hardware Diagnostics menu appears.

  4. From the Hardware Diagnostics main menu, choose Immediate Burn In Testing.

  5. Select Load Burn In Script.

  6. Do one of the following actions:

    • Type noinput.tst and press the Enter key.

    • If you are using a test you created yourself, type d:\testname.tst in the Load Burn In Script field. where testname is the name of the test you created.

  7. Select Perform Burn In Tests to run the script.

  8. When the tests are complete, press the Escape key to exit the Display Results window.

  9. Select Exit to DOS and press the Enter key.

  10. At the DOS prompt, type the following:

    C:> d:

  11. Type the following to list the contents of the diagnostic partition.

    D:> dir

    The noinput.jrl log appears.