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Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.5 Release Notes




New Features and Changes

New Features in Version 4.50

Introducing the SGD Gateway

Installing the SGD Gateway

Architecture of the SGD Gateway

Commands for the SGD Gateway

Application-Level Device Configuration

Array Failover

Seamless Windows Local Window Hierarchy

German Language Support

Support for Novell eDirectory

New Features in Version 4.41

New Command for Securing an SGD Server

Pull-Down Header for Kiosk Mode Applications

Service Tag Support

Active Directory Authentication Log Filter

Active Directory SSL Security Without Client Certificates

New Features in Version 4.40

SGD Administration Console

Terminology Changes

Attribute Name Changes

The My Desktop URL

Support for Roaming Profiles

Automatic Timeout of Idle User Sessions

Netmask Filters for Specifying Network Addresses

Window Management Keys

Support for Solaris 10 OS Trusted Extensions

Global Management of Passwords and Tokens

Subject Alternative Names for Server Certificates

Time Zone Map File Attribute

Session Directory for Windows Terminal Services

Changes in Version 4.50

Changes to Supported Platforms

Changes to SGD Web Server Component Versions

JDK Version Change

Option to Resume Printing from My Desktop

Changes to the tarantella security enable Command

Web Services Changes

Kiosk Mode Escape Attribute

Support for Evince Document Viewer

New remoteaudio Option For SGD Terminal Services Client

Administration Console Configuration Parameter for DNS Lookups

Changes in Version 4.41

Changes to Supported Platforms

SGD Server Command-Line Changes

Changes to SGD Web Server Component Versions

JDK Version Change

My Desktop Link

Changes to tarantella security start and tarantella security stop Commands

Changes to tarantella status Command

Enabling Secure Intra-Array Communications

Replacing an SGD Server Certificate

Performance Improvements for tarantella array Commands

Changes in Version 4.40

Retirement of Classic Clients

Login and Authentication Sequence

Server Certificates and Multiple External DNS Names

Web Services Changes

Authentication Model Changes

Renaming of Methods

New Web Service Operations

Document/Literal SOAP Message Encoding

Querying Device Data

Flushing the Kerberos Cache

tem status Command

SGD Client Does Not Assume Java Technology by Default

SGD Client Logs Client Device Information

Renamed Command Line Arguments

Windows NT Domain Attribute

PDF Printers Renamed

Window Closure Warning

SOCKS Proxy Removed From Client Profile

Administration Tools Removed From The Administrator Webtop

Login Script Changes

Enabling Input Methods for Locales

SGD Client Termination Timeouts

Support Statements, Known Issues, Bug Fixes, and Documentation Issues

End-Of-Support Statements

Changes to Supported Platforms for The Next Release

Known Bugs and Issues

602423 - Return Key and Keypad Enter Key Issues

6443840 - Automatic Proxy Server Configuration Scripts Fail

6456278 - Integrated Mode Does Not Work for the Root User

6458111 - Gnome Main Menu Crashes Using Integrated Mode

6461864 and 6476661 - Automatic Login and Integrated Mode Fails With the Gnome Desktop

6476194 - No KDE Desktop Menu Item for the SGD Client

6481312 - Upgrading Resets the Available Connection Types

6482912 - SGD Client Not Installed Automatically

6493374 - Non-ASCII Characters in Input Method Windows

6503530 – No Launch Menu Entries on Sun Java Desktop System

6555834 – Java Technology is Enabled For Browser But Is Not Installed On Client Device

6592560 – Administration Console Online Help Not Available Over HTTPS

6598048 – French Canadian Keyboard Not Mapped Correctly for Windows Applications

6611502 – Errors When Creating and Modifying Objects From a Secondary Server

6616290 – Integrated Mode Issues When Using the SGD Load-Balancing JSP Technology Page

6631991 – High CPU Usage When Using the SGD Enhancement Module

6634243 – Microsoft Windows Vista Applications Limited to 16-Bit Color Depth

6654307 – Slow Log In When Using Active Directory Authentication

6665330 – Font Errors When Starting VirtualBox Software From a Java Desktop System Session Displayed Using MyDesktop

6702234 – tarantella security start Command Errors When SGD Server is Stopped

6711001 – SGD Server Will Not Start

6711479 – Audio Unavailable on Linux Platform Client Devices

6726403 – Active Directory Authentication Fails With SSL Connections to Microsoft Windows Server 2008

6734004 – Issues With Extended Characters in User Names

6744107 – Applications Fail to Start When Using SSL Connections

6756705 – SGD Client Does Not Run on OpenSolaris Client Platforms

6801579 – Kana Mode Unavailable for Solaris Applications on Microsoft Windows Client Devices

6809365 – Application Start Failures and Quotation Marks in the User’s DN

6818834 – LDAP Users Always Prompted to Change Password When Logging In

6827258 – SGD Enhancement Module Installation Issues on Microsoft Windows Vista Platforms

6829584 – Issues With Long User Names When Starting Applications

6831077 – Applications Fail to Start on OpenSolaris

6831480 – Backup Primaries List Command Returns an Error

6831939 – Windows Application Start Failures and Delays When Using CDM

6836075 – 3270 and 5250 Applications Fail to Start

6852617 – Unable to Use the SGD Gateway After Upgrading to SGD Version 4.50

6872934 – SGD Client Does Not Start if Java Technology is Not Available

6874184 – Umlaut Characters and Active Directory Authentication

6905376 – Building of Apache Modules Using apxs Fails

6905932 – SGD Enhancement Module Upgrade Failure

Sun Type 7 Japanese Keyboard Issues

Start Menu Items Not Sorted Alphabetically

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Applications Limited to 8-Bit Color Depth for Large Screen Resolutions

Bug Fixes in Version 4.50

Bug Fixes in Version 4.41

Bug Fixes in Version 4.40

Documentation Issues in Version 4.50

Using the Automatic Procedure for Securing an SGD Array When Deploying the SGD Gateway

Corrections to Component Version Information

Correction to the “SGD Terminal Services Client” Section

Avoiding Port Conflicts for the X Protocol Engine

Correction to the “Adding and Removing SGD Servers From An Array” Section

Correction to the Table of Supported PDF Viewers

Corrections to Supported Browsers Information

Correction to the “Troubleshooting Applications” Section