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Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q1 Administration Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 3-3 A Simple Sun Java System Messaging Server HA configuration
Figure 5-1 HTTP Service Components
Figure 6-1 Simple SSO Deployment
Figure 6-2 Complex SSO Deployment
Figure 7-1 Clients and Servers in an MMP Installation
Figure 7-2 Multiple MMPs Supporting Multiple Messaging Servers
Figure 7-3 Overview of iPlanet Messenger Express Multiplexor
Figure 8-1 Messaging Server, Simplified Components View (Messenger Express not Shown)
Figure 8-2 MTA Architecture
Figure 8-3 Master and Slave Programs
Figure 8-4 ims-ms Channel
Figure 14-1 Brightmail and Messaging Server Architecture
Figure 15-1 Two Tier Deployment Without LMTP
Figure 15-2 Two Tier Deployment With LMTP
Figure 18-1 Message Store Directory Layout
Figure 18-2 Example of Ed’s Client Shared Mail Folder List
Figure 18-3 Distributed Shared Folders—Example
Figure 18-4 Automatic Message Removal (Expire/Purge) GUI—Rough Drawing
Figure 18-5 Message Store Digest Repository
Figure 18-6 Backup Group Directory Structure
Figure 19-1 Encrypted Communications with Messaging Server
Figure 20-1 S/MIME Applet
Figure 20-2 Verifying Private and Public Keys.
Figure A-1 SNMP Information Flow
Figure D-1 Logical Flow For One-Way and Two-Way SMS
Figure D-2 SMS Channel Email Processing
Figure D-3 SMS Channel Email Processing (continued)

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