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Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q1 Administration Reference 

List of Tables

Table 1-1 Messaging Server Commands
Table 2-1 MTA Commands
Table 3-1 configutil Parameters
Table 4-1 MTA Configuration files
Table 4-2 MTA Database Files
Table 4-3 Summary of Special Patterns for Rewrite Rules
Table 4-4 Summary of Template Formats for Rewrite Rules
Table 4-5 Summary of Template Substitutions and Control Sequences
Table 4-6 Channel Keywords Listed Alphabetically
Table 4-7 Channel Keywords Grouped by Functionality
Table 4-8 Local Channel Options
Table 4-9 SMTP Channel Options
Table 4-10 CHARSET-CONVERSION Mapping Table Keywords
Table 4-11 Conversion Parameters
Table 4-12 Environment Variables used by the Conversion Channel
Table 4-13 Options for passing information back to the conversion channel
Table 4-14 Mapping Pattern Wildcards
Table 4-15 Mapping Template Substitutions and Metacharacters
Table 4-16 Option File Options
Table 4-17 DOMAIN_UPLEVEL Bit Values
Table 4-18 USE_PERMANENT_ERRORS Bit Values
Table 4-19 USE_REVERSE_DATABASE Bit Values
Table 4-20 LDAP_USE_ASYNC Bit Values
Table 4-21 Header options
Table 4-22 tailor File Options
Table 4-23 General Job Controller Configuration File Options
Table 4-24 Job Controller POOL Option
Table 4-25 Job Controller CHANNEL Options
Table 4-26 Dispatcher configuration file options
Table 4-27 Dispatcher Debugging Bits
Table 4-28 SMS Channel Options: Email to SMS Conversion
Table 4-29 SMS Channel Options: SMS Gateway Server Option
Table 4-30 SMS Channel Options: SMS Fields
Table 4-31 Priority Fields for DEFAULT_PRIORITY
Table 4-32 Mappings for Priority Flags
Table 4-34 SET_SMS_SOURCE_ADDRESS Header Restrictions
Table 4-35 SMS Channel Options: SMPP Protocol
Table 4-36 SMS Channel Options: Localization
Table 5-1 SSL Configuration Parameters
Table 5-2 Messaging Multiplexor Configuration Files
Table 5-3 Multiplexor Configuration Parameters
Table 5-4 MMP Commands
Table A-1 Basic Message Structure
Table A-2 Access Protocols and Message Store
Table A-3 SMTP and Extended SMTP
Table A-4 Message Content and Structure
Table A-5 Delivery Status Notifications
Table A-6 Security
Table A-7 Domain Name Service
Table A-8 National and International Information Exchange
Table A-9 Internet References

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